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Every One Likes an adorable looking place be it home,office or a commercial building. When it comes to building we always look forth for a building that is meant to last and is Aesthetically pleasing.We here at Roofing Tiles Kenya we pride our self on our efficient service and reliability in delivering to you SAND COATED ROOFING TILES thats the latest Trend in the Market.Our Roofing tiles are Aluminum Zinc coated Stell based roofing material and are Light weight and embraces the high performance interlocking design.Also all our products have distinctive apperance and resist fading and we gurantee you 50 year warrant for your cozy appertment


Classic Roofing Tiles - Colour Variation

Manufactured to stand out, Our Roofing Tiles will always give your building a magnificent modern look making your home have an elegant exterior.

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Classic Roofing Tiles - Maroon

The Classic Roofing tiles are very light in weight hence reducing the strain in your house that is associated with traditional heavy clay tiles.

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Classic Roofing Tiles - Black

Built to Last the,Our roofing tile will make your house aesthetically pleasing to you and your visitors and your house will stand out from the rest

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Our Price List

Classic Roofing Tiles -KSH 680/-

Shingles Roofing Tiles -KSH 700/-

Ridge Cap -KSH 850/-

Valley Tray (2m) -KSH 850/-

Side Wall Flushing (2m) -KSH 850/-

Barge Board Covers (2m) -KSH 850/-

Nails (Per Kg)-KSH 850/-

Touch up Kit -KSH 850/-

Box Profile Roof -Out of Stock

Versatile Roof -Out of Stock

Classic Light Weight Roofing Tiles

Classic lightweight roof tiles provide an attractive and economic finish for all types of roof down to 10° pitch. The system, which is available in five colors, comprises of coated, zinc aluminium galvanized steel tile panels with the appearance of traditional clay or concrete roofing tiles A comprehensive choice of roofing accessories, including eaves, ridge and roof tile ventilators, completes the lightweight roofing system which is totally dry fixed throughout. Each roof tile has a down turned front edge and an upturned rear edge, and is profiled to provide a strong overlapping and interlocking roof covering. Lightweight roofing tiles are produced in large format. This enables faster installation with fewer fixings compared to traditional tile or slate roofing, but with non of the inherent disadvantages of long run roofing sheets. Once installed our lightweight roof tiles provide a durable weather tight and low maintenance roof. Our Color Chart Black,Maroon, Grey ,Lightand dark brown Green Forest green(mix of Green and black) Sapphire (mix of blue and black) Blue plain


As roofing experts we offer you great products at the best affordable price and we dont compromise on quality whats so ever and we will be here tomorrow to stand behind what we do today .All our products are perfectly priced with you our customer in mind as we always look forward to build a relationship with our clients and get refferals from them and hence, we want your roof done right.


Shingles - Black

Made with steel by Korean technology shingles profile has an outstanding durability and best interlocking ability   Find out more


Shingle Roofing Tiles - Marron

Beautiful and charming shingles profile usually looks elegant regardless the colour profile that you choose    Find out more


Shingles Roofing Tiles - Green

Built to be light weight the shingle profile can withstand strong wind and any kind of weather regardless where you are in the country   Find out more


Roof shingles are a roof covering consisting of individual overlapping elements. These elements are typically flat, rectangular shapes laid in courses from the bottom edge of the roof up, with each successive course overlapping the joints below. Shingles are made of various materials such as wood, slate, flagstone, fibre cement, metal, plastic, and composite material such as asphalt shingles. Ceramic roof tiles, which still dominate in Europe and some parts of Asia, are still usually called tiles. Roof shingles are a very common roofing material in the United States, but may deteriorate faster and need to repel more water than wall shingles. Our Color Chart Black plain , Black with white patches ,Green plain, Forest Green , Maroon and Coffee Brown (Dark and Light)

Our Business - Roofing.

For all your residential and commercial roofing needs,We are a roofer you can trust with passion for making things better and A quality You Can Trust.Give us a call on 0712765270 and let Our Passion work for You


You need it to be right, You need it to last and perform, Well we are here for you whether you are replacing your roof or doing a new roof for your new home, We got you covered

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When quality and experience matters we stand to offer our clients the best advice so that they can make the right decission.Feel Free to call us on 0712765270 for free advice


Our products are environmentally friendly and designed for the equatorial and tropical weather that is synonymous with Kenyan climate. Above all friendly and designed for the equatorial and tropical weather that is synonymous with Kenyan climate.


Versatile is a roofing that has a premium profile and have specialy been manufactures to give the perfect Aesthetic Appeal much more above the normal mabati as a light weigh roofing material.As a modern roofing material, Versatile roofing material boost of durability due to its range of colours that protects agains Ultra Violet Light.Made of steel it is available in many sizes of 0.925M in Wideth , 2.1Meters,2.4Meters,2.7Meters and 3.0Meters length and variety of gauges (Thickness) to When it comes to fixing Versatile can be fixed on steel or timber supports.

Blue Versatile Roof

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Red Versatile Roof

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Green Versatile Roof

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Maroon Versatile Roof

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Roof  Tiling Estimate Calculator.


To Estimate the Amount of Tiles that you will need Use the following Estimation Calculator.

The Formula to Estimate Roofing Tiles is:

Size of Your Roof in m2 x 2.2 = No. of Roofing Tiles Need

Where 2.2 is a constant


If your roof is 100m2

you will need 100 x 2.2 =220 Roofing Tiles

(please note this is just an estimate)

Roof Estimate Calculator

For Doing it right coast much less than doing it over,

if you have any queries that may need our attention

we will be glad to help from the ground up to make sure

you love where you live.Feel free to call and we will be

waiting to help you and together we will nail it because in roofing we are the best

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Other Products/Roofing Accessories  Get a Quote!


Ridge Cap

Specially designed to give the roof  a  Perfect Finishing touch.

Price KSH 850/-. per 2m

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Box Profile Roof

Box profile roof are Light in weight, Fast and easy to fit and Available in range of traditional colours

Out of Stock.

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Valley Tray

Best Valleys for your roof 100% leak proof.

Price KSH 850/-.per 2m

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Side Wall Flushing

For Protecting the vertical wall at the edge of the shingles course

Price KSH 850/-.per 2m

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Barge board covers

Barge board provide a functional finish by protecting the underlying timber structure from the elements, as well as adding visual impact to the building

Price KSH 850/-.per 2m

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Serrated Nails

Fix the Roofing tiles with the best nails for the job

Price KSH 850/-. per kg

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Touch up kit

The best roofing make up kit to give the last touch after roofing

Price KSH 850/-.

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Why Us

  • We offer Stunning Classic Roofing tiles at affordable Price
  • Lightweight roofing possess exceptional weather resistance
  • Lightweight roofing tiles are environmentally friendly
  • A fully dry fixed roofing system ensures maximum storm resistance.
  • Lightweight roof tiles' advantages enable savings to be made on the timber content of roof structure.
  • Labour costs reduced due to the speed of fixing.
  • Lightweight roof tiles are strong, robust, and vandal resistant.
  • Whether you are building a Beautiful bungalow or a Charming Cottage we are your one-stop Roofing Material Supplier.
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"We are the best of the best and we Provide roofing and weatherproofing peace of mind....."

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