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Our One Goal is to give you the best

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With Each Product

You are Guranteed that the product you buy are durable

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By Law

Our Products have been tested and are Satified

Absolutely True

We make sure you get the best return for your Money

Our Price List (VAT icl)

Classic Roofing Tiles -KSH 680/-

Shingles Roofing Tiles -KSH 700/-

Ridge Cap -KSH 850/-

Valley Tray (2m) -KSH 850/-

Side Wall Flushing (2m) -KSH 850/-

Barge Board Covers (2m) -KSH 850/-

Nails (Per Kg)-KSH 850/-

Touch up Kit -KSH 850/-

Box Profile Roof -Out of Stock

Versatile Roof -Out of Stock

As a Company

We are leading supplier of the original Stone Coated Roofing tiles in Kenya. We have the two varieties which include:

  • Shingle Tiles
  • Classical Tiles (Most popular)

We are Committed to Customers Satisfaction and sale high quality roofing tiles


Our Roofing tiles are Long lasting

Our Roofing tiles are build to last and we offer the assurance that they are super durable they do not peel, leak,rust or even  fade off over time.

Color never Fades

Unlike other roofing tiles, our Grade 1 roofing tiles never fade. No matter how long you’ve had them on your roof, they will always look vibrant and will always have the look they had when you were buying them. This gives your house a vibrant look even after years and saves you money to as no  repaint work is needed on the roof

Quality Guaranteed

The fact that the tiles are long lasting and have a color that never fades is proof of grade 1 roofing tiles’ amazing quality.

Easy Installation

All our tiles are easy to install and we do offer a one stop shop for you to buy all your  roofing products.


KEBS Approved

All our roofing products are satisfied by the Kenya Bureau  of Standard

Architects Approved

Our roofs have been approved by architects to be among the best modern roofing tiles and if you doubt this we can 100% assure you that  you can give your architect a call and inquire about this

Fire Proof

All our Roofing tiles are Fire proof Hence reducing the spreed of fire to  other places in case of an inferno.

All Climate Roofing

Considering the change in climate and weather all over the world, Our roofing tiles have been made to withstand changing weather conditions and still maintain their cool over the years as climate changes from season to season


They are Protected from Counterfeit

Unlike most roofing materials that you buy from any hardware near your, these roofing materials can only be bought through their appointed distributors. This policy has been made to protect the customers from counterfeit products that have hit other roofing companies.

Colour Profile

We have a vast colour profile for you to choose from.




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