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Ridge Cap

A ridge cap is a building material that's installed on the ridge line(Where two lines meet) of a sloped roof.Th ridge Cap bridges the cap in between two sloping roofs

Price Per 2m: KSH 850/-

Valley Tray

A valley Tray is a roofing accessory that is placed in between where two roofs meet which  are facing different direction.They are made specifically to bridge the gap and to reduce emergence of any leakage on the roof

Price Per 2m: KSH 850/-








Side wall Flashing is Specially Made Roofing Accessory that is placed in between a vertical  wall and the roof to prevent rain water from the roof from destroying the vertical wall especially if the vertical wall is made up of wood

Price : KSH 850/-


Barge board cover is a roofing accessory that protect the perimeter of your wall and also gives it a nice finishing look.The Barge board helps protect the underlying wood that the roof might be sitting on from direct exposure to weather conditions like rain hence maintaining the quality of the underlying material for a very long time

Price Per 2m: KSH 850/-







Touch Up Kit

The touch up kit is used to Hide the areas  at which the nails that fastens the roof are placed giving your roof a seamless look.Also it is an assurance that your roofing wont have any leaks at all as the touch up kit  comes with high standard strong adhesive

Price : KSH850/-








The nails are specially made to fasten and fix the roofing to your appertment

Price Per KG: KSH 850/-








Besides Stone Coated Roofing Tiles we do sell and stock also Versatile roofing tiles which are strong and durable

Out of Stock








Box profile is a roofing tile to consider if you are low on budget and you need good quality mabati.The Box profile are ment to last and are available in a variety of colours

Out of Stock

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