Roofing Tile Kenya Shingle Roofing Tiles


Shingles are available in a variety of colour profile so one can choose a colour that they think best suites them.The Roofing shingles have a gauge of 2.4mm and a length of 1.35m by 0.42m


Shingle Surface

The shingles are coated with fine sand stone all over on the upper side giving the a smooth finishing that looks very attractive and help the roofing to be more durable.

Roofing Tile Kenya Grey Shingle Roofing Tiles

Our Price List (VAT Inc)

Classic Roofing Tiles -KSH 680/- 

Shingles Roofing Tiles -KSH 700/-

Ridge Cap -KSH 850/-

Valley Tray (1.4m) -KSH 850/-

Side Wall Flushing (1.4m) -KSH 850/-


Barge Board Covers (1.4m) -KSH 850/-

Nails (Per Kg)-KSH 850/-

Touch up Kit -KSH 850/-

Box Profile Roof -Out of Stock.

Versatile Roof -Out of Stock.

Roofing Tile Kenya Shingle Roofing Tiles


As a Company we are at your service and we are here to serve you and make sure you get the best of the best when it comes to roofing tiles and other roofing materials.As part of our customer service we do offer free advise when it comes to roofing so don't hesitate to give us a call

PRICE : KSH 700/-


Our Roofing Shingles are of high quality.Having been built by Korea Technology our roofing tiles are of high standard and the have been passed to be 100% good quality by the Kenya Bureau of standards(KEBS) .

Roofing Tile Kenya Shingle Roofing Tiles,Roofing Material
Roofing Tile Kenya Ware House


Our ware house is located along Mombasa road in industrial area and we usually make  sure we are stocked all year round so that any time you want roofing shingles or other roofing products we will get you covered.

PRICE : KSH 700/-


Shingle Roofing Tiles
Are LIGHT Weigh but Very Strong
Shingle Roofing Tiles
Are Fire Resistant and Rust Resistant
Shingle Roofing Tiles
Are Available in a Variety of Colours
Shingle Roofing Tiles
Are of High Quality and Durable
Shingle Roofing Tiles
Are Modern
Shingle Roofing Tiles
Are of Affordable Price
Roofing Tiles
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